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This section mostly includes those products meant to manufacture both concealable and tactical vests for military, for Police forces, for private polices and for civilian, as well as those products meant to manufacture bomb suits for mine clearers and bomb blankets.
These products require the safest and top quality protection combined with the highest lightness to ensure the maximum comfort.
Pro-Systems with its many proposals and its experience assures an answer to any request.
For each kind of fiber we offer a wide range of products with the possibility to choose among different type of finishing to guarantee the best fabric oil-water repellence and different types of coating to energize the resistance of the protection systems.

Besides the offer of all protection products based on the most known aramid fibers as Kevlar® and Twaron® and on their most recent proposals, Pro-Systems offers unique solutions based on Artec® aramid fiber, which guarantees the maximum protection and lightness level and which are appreciated all over the world for high range applications, as the products of SOFTSTEEL® line.
Recent researches developed by Pro-Systems, furthermore permitted to create the family of products THOR® which constitutes an important innovation in using fabrics for soft ballistic protection offering important advantages to costs in producing several types of vests with optimal ballistic protection performances.