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By using such of aramid fabric Artec®, with its peculiar and extremely high technical performances in resistance and modulus, and its very thin continuous filaments, Pro-Systems offers through its special manufacturing process Top range products, such as Type 135, Type 155, and Type SOFTSTEEL® 3110, 3125, 4110 and 4125.

High performance and top light and comfort protective vests and mine clearer suits can be produced with these products, and especially with SOFTSTEEL®.
The use of these products is suitable for Defense, for Special Forces and for Operational Special Brigades, as well as for the various projects "Future Soldier", growing in many Countries due to both bullet and even small caliber fragment protection high performances and also to the high V50 combined to the extreme and exceptional lightness of the possible protective solutions.
Also Police Forces of various Countries and manufacturers of special concealable vests for VIP, resorted to such advanced solutions.
Even these products might be duly used in "hybrid" systems and particularly with unidirectional aramid.