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Fabrics weighing 200 gr/m2 (Type 363 Kevlar® and CT 709 Twaron®), 190 gr/m2 ( Type 802 Kevlar® and CT 714 Twaron®) and those with lower weights made with thinner yarns such as Type 331 Kevlar® and CT 612 Twaron®, just to quote some, have now become standard all over the world for applications in this field.

For the end products manufacturers the use of hybrid systems for ballistic protection through the combination of different products inside the ballistic pack, such as aramid fabrics and unidirectional, aramid fibres and high tenacity polyethylene fibres, is becoming more and more important.
Also for these solutions Pro-Systems' Team can provide the Customer with both a technical support to search for the best system and in most cases the supply of the complete solution.