Pro-Systems products range is very wide and extends from products for ballistic protection to products for advanced composites and for technical fabrics, as here shortly follows:

• fabrics made with Twaron®, Kevlar®, Artec® ,Heracron®, Alkex® and other high tenacity fibers para-aramid fibers with various finishing for manufacturing of soft and hard ballistic protections;
• pre-preg aramid fabrics with modified phenolic and thermoplastic resins for helmets manufacturing and armoring;
• aramid and polyethylene panels and plates for stiff protection and armoring of vehicles and buildings, as well as backings for protective plates (LARS® line);
• systems for trauma reduction (TPR® line);
• systems for knife protection (PARAX® line);
• fabrics made of carbon fibers, aramid fibers and hybrids for advanced composites; • carbon, glass, aramid and hybrid pre-preg fabrics with epoxy, phenolic and thermoplastic resins for advanced composites;
• rubberized aramid fabrics;
• meta-aramid and other fibers fabrics for fire protection clothing;
• technical fabrics in general for industry.